In the early 60s, the initial challenges were related to acquiring high quality raw materials, financial resources and electricity. These difficulties were overcome with knowledge, dedication and courage. It was founded in 1963 in San Leopoldo/RS, in the south of Brazil.

Today, it has its own area of ​​13,230 m², of which 1,400 m² are the built-up area to process rubber artifacts and mechanical parts. It is concerned about combining technology, experience, a qualified team and standardization of all processes to meet customers’ requirements and to contribute to environmental sustainability.

INGABOR’s production and development of technical parts follows ASTM D-2000 and ABNT standards, using several kinds of elastomers, qualified to provide products adequate to its customers’ needs and specifications, who are among the most prominent business segments: Machinery and Equipment, Steel, Electro-electronics, Pneumatics, Agricultural, Beverage, Air Conditioning, Tools and Metal-Mechanical.

In these 50 years of history, Ingabor’s management invested in technology, quality, processes and people, being recognized by awards won for Distinguished Supplier of the Gerdau Group, MPE/BRAZIL, and Distinguished Gaucho. It also encourages the involvement of employees in family community, promoting the winter clothing campaign, Kilo Day and Children’s Day.