“Promote a better rubber solution for our customers”.

Quality Policy:

Ingabor, in empowering man, valuing the collective effort and preserving the environment, is able to supply elastomeric artifacts with the quality that The requirements of customers, seeking continuous improvement of their processes, productivity and competitiveness.

With constant monitoring of Quality indicators and the ISO 9001 certification granted by DNV since 2000, Ingabor stands out in the market as a supplier of technical rubber parts.

The company’s management won the MPEBRASIL/RS award and is the finalist of the national phase, considering five points for the company’s success: product quality, helpful, fast and accurate service, item development, reliability of what was agreed upon (100% on-time delivery), and respect for people.

The generated waste is sent to FUNRESOLI (Solid Waste Foundation of São Leopoldo), which is inserted in its Quality Policy, encouraging employees to care for the environment.

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